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Twitter for Business Training/Workshop

Much has been said about the rise and fall of the use of Twitter for marketing to and engaging with customers. While many businesses are already taking advantage of Twitter, most marketing departments and business owners don’t correctly understand how Twitter can benefit their business or if it’s even appropriate for their business.

We’ve helped businesses both large and small address these questions:

  • What is Twitter all about? Is it just for young people and TV news?
  • Does anyone really care what I have so say on Twitter?
  • How can I more people to follow my tweets?
  • How can I use Twitter to better meet the needs of my customers?

I was impressed by a thorough and complete introduction to Twitter and it’s applications for business. I feel ready to apply the knowledge I gained through his succinct and practical explanations of Twitter and related topics – all in just one hour! If you think you’d like to Tweet, take this course, you will be glad you did.
Dr. Kyra Gerber
Courtyard Chiropractic Clinic
Toronto, Ontario

During this one hour interactive training session, we’ll answer these questions plus you will learn:

  • Basics of Twitter;
  • Choosing the right Twitter Account ID;
  • Monitoring your Twitter account;
  • Twitter terminology;
  • How to develop a following of both existing clients, potential clients; and
  • More effective Tweets through article linking and the use of “hash tags”.

We offer this training online limited  to a maximum of 10 individuals to ensure maximum benefit.

The price for private training session is $250 per session.

Contact us for more information or to schedule your online training.