About Alan K'necht

Keynotes, Search Engine Specialist, Freelance Writer & Consultant

Alan K'necht

Alan K'necht, author of "The Last Original Idea" is recognized as an authority on the business side of the world wide web including search engine optimization ("SEO"). search engine marketing ("SEM") and using web analtyics to measure web site success. He is regularly interviewed by publications in his home country of Canada as well as in the United States and Australia.

In an effort to share his knowledge and ideas, K'necht is a regular speaker at Internet conferences. During his conference addresses, he covers a diverse range of topics including SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, and how to measure the ROI of web marketing projects (View his speaker's Wiki). He is a internationally published columnist and has written features for CNet's Builder.Com and Digital Web Magazine and maintains his blog entitled "K'necht-it". In K'necht-it, Alan reports on news, gives his opinions and insight into the latest developments in web analytics, search engine optimization(SEO) and web marketing. Because of Alan's extensive knowlege he was asked to become an adjunct professor for the University of San Francisco’s search engine marketing training and advanced web analytics courses.

K'necht recently completed writing (with Geri Rockstein as a co-writer) his first book entitled "The Last Original Idea" which was published in October 2010 and began selling on Amazon.com in November 2010. He is an active contributor to the Last Originial Idea blog as well.

In addition to his regular speaking engagements, K'necht has participated on several conference advisory boards and conducts regular corporate training sessions.

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