Email Encryption

Stop Email Harvesters & Spam - Encode Your Email Addresses

Stop email harvesters from picking up e-mail addresses from your web pages with this free e-mail address encoder (hexadecimal converter).

How does encrypting your e-mail address stop spam? Most e-mail harvesters simply scan web pages for the "mailto" reference in your code and then copy the associated e-mail address. By encoding the entire e-mail address including the "mailto" portion, most e-mail harvesters (except the most sophisticated) can't find it. If they can't find it, they can't send spam to it.

This utility encodes your email addresses (into hexadecimal values) in order to hide them from e-mail harvesters, the spammers best friend. Simply type in the email address in the first textbox, hit encode, and it will return the complete HTML mailto: code encoded in hexadecimal values.

Once encoded, you simply need to copy all the encoded content and paste it into web page.

The encoded e-mail address will work on any web page with any browser.

Email Encoder

The e-mail address encoder uses javascripts and does not record your e-mail address anywhere. You must however, have javascript enabled in your browser for it to work.