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Stopping Spam - Resource and Guides

The following list of resources, utilities and methods for stopping spam is provided as a courtesy for the web development community. We've reviewed each item to ensure they are what they say they are. K'nechtology does not guarantee that these will stop all spam. Many of these services have been around a long time and it is possible that e-mail harvesters have found work arounds by now.

Free Resources to Help You Fight Spam

  • E-mail Address Encrypter - convert your e-mail address to ASCII with our free email encoder
  • offers free throw-away e-mail addresses that forward to your regular e-mail address. Start getting too much spam on a sneakmail address, simply throw it away and start again.
  • has free java scripts to protect your e-mail address from e-mail address harvesting robots
  • uPromote(TM) Email Address Scrambler for free turns ordinary text email addresses into ASCII code, causing email address harvesters to bypass real email addresses. To the human eye, an email addresses remains intelligible, while automated harvesters are duped into avoiding the code.
  • Sample Robots.txt file which contains a list known bad bots. Will it work? we don't think so. Why should bad bots see if they're allowed? Of course it couldn't hurt to add them to your existing robots.txt file
  • Provides a .htaccess file that blocks e-mail harvesters (bots). Great idea if you have the authority to add a .htaccess file to your Apache server.

Send us your suggestions on how to stop spam

Do you have additional suggestions on how to prevent e-mail harvester or to stop spam before it starts? If yes, why not add it to our list. Send your stop spam suggestion now!