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Search Engine Optimization Seminar (1 and 2 hour)

The search engine optimization (SEO) seminar is ideal for conferences, corporate events and general staff education. During the SEO seminar, the reasons why companies need to incorporate SEO "best practices" into their web philosophy and the latest trends in SEO will be explored and highlighted. Get a high-level view of what will benefit and or possibly hurt your organization from an SEO perspective.

"If you're looking for a crash course on white-hat SEO, this is a great one."

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Search Engine Optimization Training Workshop (½and full Day)

During the SEO training workshop (entitled "Designing With Search Engines in Mind"), participants will learn how to understand what search engines value in a web page, how to construct a web page and web site in the optimum manor to allow for the maximum pages to be indexed by the search engines and how to optimize the content for top ranking in search engine results.

Participants will also be taught how to effectively identify and research appropriate key words and key word phrases. They will then learn how to incorporate these phrases into their web site content for optimal SEO effect.

Writing for the Search Engines (½ and full Day)

Learn not only how write effective web site content, but also how to target specific keywords and phrases for optimal ranking in search engine results. During this workshop, participants will be taught how use various tools to research specific phrases to target and then how to incorporate these phrases into their writing.

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